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Jack Kaido is a digital abstract painter whose art explores the abstract image through digitally-native works which reflect their medium and their time.


Emotions, memories, ideas and concepts are weaved with expressionism, minimalism, colour theory and the incorporation of the digital visual language the artist lives and interacts with, such as internet web pages and interfaces, search bars, apps, text, glitches, errors, gradients, composites, digital collage and pixelation.


Kaido's art is positioned within the emerging genre of fine art digital abstract painting and is minted on blockchain technology; cryptoart collected via cryptocurrency. The artist draws upon a wide range of influences, from the prehistoric cave painters to the Japanese woodblock artists, Impressionists, Cubists, the European and American Abstract Expressionists right through to contemporary crypto art.

In April 2023, Christie’s selected Kaido to feature in an exhibition and auction in New York, citing him as one of the artists at the forefront of digital art today who are influencing the future of the medium.

Kaido's paintings have been shown worldwide, reside in private collections internationally and are owned by some of the world’s foremost cryptoart collectors.

work shown

- seaport, new york. a digital trascendence: superrare exhibiton. 

- christies, new york. the next wave: the new york edit. 

- montreal, canada. superrare and 0x society digital abstraction exhibition.
- times square, new york. art innovation gallery exhibition.

- southampton, long island, new york. exchange art gallery abstract exhibition.

- valencia, spain. futr's exhibition at nft europe.

- birmingham museum and art gallery. known origin exhibition.

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